Treatment Effects: Beyond the Basics


This is the website for my summer school course which will take place at Oxford in Sepember 2024. For more information about the summer school see the course brochure. If you’re interested in attending, you can apply here. The materials listed below are from the 2023 version of the course. The 2024 version will be similar with a few small additions and changes.


This course assumes introductory-level knowledge of causal inference along with basic familiarity with the R programming language. If you need to brush up on either of these pre-requisites, you may find the following resources helpful.


Lectures will take place each morning each morning in the Manor Road Building.

Applied Sessions

Applied sessions will take place each morning in the Manor Road Building.

  1. Monday: R Refresher
  2. Tuesday: Simulation Basics in R
  3. Wednesday Running a Simulation Study
  4. Wednesday: Testing the LATE Assumptions
  5. Thursday: Gaussian MTEs

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